What We Think We Know About the iPhone 8

Jul 15, 2017

Apple is notoriously secretive about their upcoming products, and likes to keep a tight wrap on things until they’re desired release dates. However, when you are a company as large as Apple, it is hard to engage in major development on products without making large footprints that give industry analysts an idea of what to expect.

Here’s what we think we currently know about the iPhone 8...

Expected release date The release date for the iPhone is always speculation, but if Apple’s current track record can expect to repeat itself, then we can probably expect to see the first iPhone 8s in September, where it will probably be presented with a smaller version of the new iPad.

Expected price Based on the current market for smartphones, and considering Apple is a company that likes to charge higher prices for more reliable products, most analysts expect that the iPhone 8’s price is going to hover around $1,000. However, when you take into account taxes levied on goods and services, we can expect to pay around $1,400-$1,500.

OLED screens We can pretty much guarantee that the iPhone 8 is going to utilize OLED screen technology, which are curved panels that are brighter and offer a more vibrant range of colors than we currently see in iPhone screens. Apple has struck a deal with Samsung to provide them with 70 million of the OLED screens that they use for their own smartphones. For this reason, we can pretty much guarantee that there is no other purpose that Apple would make such an acquisition, besides for the new iPhone 8, or perhaps for the plus version.

Higher RAM The highest amount of memory for processing power that you can currently get in an iPhone is 3GB, which is what the iPhone 7 Plus comes equipped with. This generation, we can almost certainly expect that the initial version of the iPhone 8 will also come with at least 3GB of RAM, and hopefully that will increase with the Plus version.

Enhanced security features One exciting prospect that digital security analysts have said they expect to see in the new iPhone is a security feature that uses the iPhone 8’s advanced camera to use 3D facial recognition to unlock the phone, eliminating the requirement for passcodes or fingerprints (if you so desire).