When Is it Worthwhile to Repair a Samsung Galaxy Phone?

May 26, 2019

The Samsung Galaxy line of smartphones has grown significantly in popularity, thanks to the many models, features and functions offered by this manufacturer. In fact, Samsung seized a larger share of the market than Apple in 2017, a trend that shows little sign of waning.

And, although Samsung smartphones were once significantly less expensive than Apple’s iPhone line, that no longer holds true. In fact, MSRP on the top-of-the-line Galaxy S10 model is approximately $150 more than the best-available iPhone model.

When you invest that kind of money into an electronic device, you might think that having it repaired is always a preferable option to replacement. But is that necessarily always true with the Galaxy?


The Fragility of Samsung Galaxy Phones

No smartphone or tablet is immune to breaking if you drop it or take it for a dip in the pool. However, of all the handheld electronic devices on the market today, many smartphone repair experts believe that the newer Galaxy models are among the most fragile.

In fact, if you believe the beta testers, the upcoming Fold model (at a whopping $1,980) is shaping up to be the most fragile smartphone ever designed. Before the Fold’s foray into the market, experts had already dubbed the Galaxy S8 as the most fragile phone ever made.

But, even though they’re both expensive and fragile, the Galaxy line’s popularity continues to grow. For most Samsung users, the advanced features offered on these devices outweigh the risk of having to seek constant smartphone repair.

Are Samsung Galaxy Repair Expensive?

The answer to this question, as you might guess, depends on the model.

For the S8, glass repair runs in the neighborhood of $240 while LCD repair for this model will cost you about $270. The Galaxy Edge and Edge Plus models tend to cost slightly more to repair, based on the unique nature of the screen’s design.

Otherwise, however, most Galaxy repairs – charge port, battery replacement, back glass, camera, etc. – do not cost significantly more than other brands and models of smartphones.

When to Say “Enough” to Samsung Galaxy Repair

The problem with these devices isn’t that repair costs are necessarily that high, especially when you consider the retail price of a new model. The problem comes when you’re seeking smartphone repair every few months or so, due to the fragile nature of the devices.

And although it makes little sense to spend more than a thousand dollars on a new phone rather than a few hundred on a repair, consider the possibility of buying a pre-owned Samsung Galaxy phone.

In Utah, Bad Apple sells refurbished Galaxy phones that, in many cases, could cost less than the price of a repair. We offer a no-risk warranty on all our refurbished phones, so you can rest assured you’re getting a like-new device. And, in many cases, we will take your broken Galaxy in trade against your new device or simply buy it from you outright.

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