Can’t Charge Your iPad? Try These Tablet Repair Tips

Aug 16, 2019

If your iPad won’t charge or charging takes a really long time, you may need to head to a tablet repair expert. This is a known issue – one that occurs with both Apple products and other tablet brands -- and fixing the problem may require a new battery or charge port.

However, when an iPad isn’t charging as it should be, hardware issues aren’t always to blame. Before taking yours to a local tablet repair service, try these simple fixes.

Tablet won’t charge

Check the Charge Port

Dust, lint or other debris in the port can prevent an iPad from charging properly. Shine a flashlight into the charge port to see if anything is inside. If you spot any debris, use canned air or an anti-static brush to clear it out. Try charging again, and you may see success.

Force a Restart

To make sure a software problem isn’t stopping your tablet from charging, try a reboot. Hold down the Top button, then use the red slider button to power off the device. Let the device power down completely, then press the Top button again. In some cases, a restart can put an end to charging issues.

Turn Off the Tablet to Charge

If you routinely use your iPad while it’s charging, this could be the source of your difficulty – processor-heavy apps can quickly blitz through any battery power you gain. Turning off the tablet before setting it to charge could be the solution you need.

Try a Different Outlet

Sometimes, USB ports and outlets simply stop working – and if you only use a particular port or outlet to charge your iPad, you may not realize it has a problem. Try charging it somewhere else, and if you’re lucky, you may be able to avoid tablet repair.

Switch out the Cable

Likewise, charging cables – especially third-party cables -- can fail. Yours might look perfectly fine, but that doesn’t mean it is in good working order. Before taking your iPad to a tablet repair expert, try a different charge cable and see if that solves your problem.

Contact a Tablet Repair Expert

If none of the above fixes works, your iPad probably has a hardware issue. An expert technician can determine the cause, replace any defective parts and restore your tablet’s ability to charge – and if you choose the right repair service, you can get the work done for a low cost.

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