Tips to Avoid Emergency Phone Repair

Jun 21, 2019

Emergency phone repair can be a costly endeavor, not to mention inconvenient. Taking steps to protect your phone can help you avoid an urgent trip to the electronics repair store.

It’s also a good idea to have any minor damage – like a cracked screen – taken care of as soon as possible. Leaving this type of damage unaddressed makes your device even more vulnerable to breaking.

Emergency phone repair in Utah

Get a Good Smartphone Case & Screen Protector

Although no device can withstand a serious drop or torque from landing under something heavy, a well-made case and a good screen protector will significantly increase your phone’s durability.

Shock-proof cases can help your device withstand a hefty amount of abuse. And, with the many options you have to choose from today, you don’t have to sacrifice style and personality to keep your devices safe from harm.

Use a Safety Tether or Loop

If you’re prone to dropping your phone, misplacing it or putting it in your back pocket and sitting on it, you’re bound to need the services of an emergency smartphone repair expert sooner or later.

You can help break these potentially expensive habits by getting either a wrist tether for your device or one of the loop-type cases. These gadgets provide extra stability when carrying your device and help minimize the need to juggle your phone or tuck it away in your pocket, where you can easily forget about it and cause damage.

Replace a Cracked Screen

If you have a cracked smartphone screen, you may be tempted to live with it – especially if it doesn’t affect your ability to use your device. However, cracks in the screen make your phone substantially more vulnerable to additional, more severe damage.

Even a small drop and a cracked screen could shatter. Cracked screens also allow dust and moisture inside, which can easily damage sensitive electronic components inside. Splashing a little water on an intact screen is typically harmless. A few drops on a cracked screen and you could cause irreparable damage to your phone.

Before you get your phone screen replacement, ask the device repair shop if they have a protection plan that will cover future breakage. In many cases, you can purchase an affordable plan that makes it easy to keep your phone in tip-top condition.

At FixIT Mobile | Bad Apple, we provide expert phone repair services in Utah. We’re always here to help when you need an emergency smartphone or tablet repair. But, given the option, we would rather help you keep your device safe and sound. Contact us today to schedule same-day phone repair. Be sure to ask about our Core Protection Plan too. This affordable, easy-to-use screen protection plan will help keep your device safe from major damage and the resulting emergency phone repairs.