Is a Cracked Tablet or Phone Screen Your Fault?

Jun 14, 2019

Every day, tablet and smartphone repair shops repair or replace countless broken or cracked screens for their customers. Sometimes this damage occurs even if you have taken all the steps reasonably necessary to protect your device.

Many device manufacturers have begun using thinner glass to reduce the weight of smartphones and tablets. Thin glass is also necessary for the proper function of touch screens. But, in some cases, manufacturers simply use lower quality screen materials to reduce costs.

Sometimes breakage occurs simply because of an unfortunate accident. But, in many cases, a cracked or broken screen is the result of device design and manufacturing.

Utah smartphone screen repair

Common Causes of Device Screen Damage

At the top of the list is an obvious cause: dropping your device. But your screen might crack under torque or pressure, such as sitting on your phone or carrying it in your back pocket. Carrying your phone or tablet unsecured in a handbag, backpack or briefcase can lead to screen damage as can placing heavy items on top of your device.

But, as many electronic device owners have noted, smartphones and tablets simply break easier today than ever before. Larger, lighter devices are more fragile than the stout and compact designs of the past.

How to Prevent a Cracked or Broken Screen

The fact is that all of today’s electronic devices are fragile to a degree and none are immune to breaking if they fall far enough onto a hard surface. But some devices hold up better than others. In a series of drop tests recently performed by Tom’s Guide, older iPhones and the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 were among the worst performers. So, when choosing a new device for purchase, take the time to research your options. You have multiple options for preventing breakage, including high-tech cases and screen protectors. Screen protectors go a long way in the prevention of damage and, the higher the quality of the protector, the better your chances are of avoiding a problem.

Why You Should Have a Cracked Phone Screen Repaired

Some industry skeptics believe that device manufacturers intentionally use substandard materials, in hopes that consumers will simply buy a new device if their old one breaks. Whether that’s true or not, you may not want to reward any manufacturer whose products don’t stand up to reasonable use.

If you’re single and looking, you definitely want to have your screen repaired. A recent poll indicated that 86% of women negatively judge men with cracked phone screens!

But the most persuasive reason for getting your phone repaired is cost. The average cost of having screen replacement done by an independent phone repair shop is substantially less expensive than buying a new device or taking your phone to the manufacturer for repair.

In Utah, cracked screen repair from FixIT Mobile | Bad Apple is especially cost-effective. We are experts in iPhone and iPad repair as well as Samsung, Google, LG, HTC and most other popular device makes and models. No matter whose fault it was, you don’t have to walk around with a shredded screen. Contact us today to schedule your cracked or broken phone screen repair.