Cracked Smartphone Screen? Here’s What to Do Next

Jan 22, 2019

You’ve just cracked your smartphone screen – now what?

Although you may feel like panicking, keep calm and take heart, as all may not be lost. In most cases, you can have your phone back to looking and working like new with a screen repair.

Take these steps as quickly as possible to help ensure the best outcome.

Cracked smartphone screen repair in Utah

Seal Off the Cracked Smartphone Screen

Until you can assess the extent of the damage – and get it into the hands of a smartphone screen repair expert – seal the screen by placing a piece of heavy, clear tape of your phone.

Be very careful not to cut yourself on the glass, especially if shards are broken away or dangling.

Try Powering Your Phone On

If your device comes on and the display looks normal, proceed to the next step. If it doesn’t power on at all, or if the display is malfunctioning at all, you may want to consider powering the phone down and getting it a repair expert as quickly as possible.

If the display isn’t normal, the chances are good that you may have damaged some of the phone’s internal components, rather than simply cracking the screen. If you don’t have a recent backup – or if you aren’t automatically backing up to the cloud – this may be your best chance for recovering your photos and data.

Charge & Backup Your Smartphone

Plug your device in to charge and get a backup started. Getting your data backed up as soon as possible will help ensure you don’t lose anything. And, if you do end up having to replace the device – or if the phone repair experts can’t save your data – you will have what you need to restore your system.

Locate a Smartphone Repair Expert

In almost all cases, smartphone manufacturers will not replace your cracked screen as a part of the device’s warranty coverage. Everyone tries but the customer service reps can spot the proof that your device was dropped or otherwise damaged by something you did.

You can pay for manufacturer repair. However, few smartphone users have the time, trust or patience to ship their device back to the manufacturer and wait for it to come back in the mail.

If you have insurance on your phone, check the cost for screen repair (it’s almost never a free repair, even under the Apple Care plan). Before you decide to take that route, find someone in your local area that specializes in device repair and cracked smartphone screens and price the repair with them. You may be surprised to find that this is the most cost-effective approach, not to mention the fastest.

In Utah, FixIT Mobile | Bad Apple is your local expert for smartphone and tablet repair. You’ll be hard-pressed to beat our quick turnaround time and our fair, transparent prices. In fact, we have a low-price guarantee to back up our commitment. For most smartphone models, you even have a choice of value pricing and premium pricing – which includes a 90-day warranty – for your screen repair.

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