Factors that Drive Cell Phone Repair Costs

Sep 13, 2019

At some point or another, you’ll probably need cell phone repair. And whether you end up dealing with a cracked screen, water damage, a malfunctioning charge port, issues with the camera or any other problem, one question will spring to mind – how much will it cost to fix your smartphone?

In fact, repair prices can range anywhere from $25 up to $250 or more. Here, the professional team at FixIT Mobile | Bad Apple explains the different factors that affect the cost of cell phone repair.

How much does smartphone repair cost

The Type of Smartphone You Own

As a general rule, older smartphone models are less expensive to fix than newer models. So if you’ve had your cell phone for a few years, you may not have to budget as much for repairs.

However, this isn’t always the case. For example, repairing the rear camera of an iPhone XS typically costs less than fixing the same issue in an iPhone 8 Plus. Likewise, screen repair for a Samsung Galaxy S9+ tends to be cheaper than that for a Galaxy S6 Edge Plus. Which brings us to our next point…

The Problem with Your Smartphone

The reason some issues are cheaper to fix in newer model smartphones is due to the ease of the repair – certain problems are simply more challenging to solve in older models.

Most of the time, the relative ease or difficulty of repairing a smartphone problem plays a major role in the price. Generally speaking, simple fixes, such as replacing a battery or a faulty earpiece, cost less than resolving water damage or complex cell phone problems.

The Phone Repair Service You Choose

Where you get your cell phone fixed can also impact the price you pay for the repair. As with any service, different companies charge different amounts – so shopping around may be in your best interests.

That said, simply choosing the phone repair service with the absolute lowest cost might not be a smart move. You don’t want to trust your smartphone to anyone who doesn’t have extensive experience, so be sure to check the background of any company you’re considering. In addition, to protect yourself from repeat problems, make sure the service you select offers a warranty on their work.

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