It’s a Bad Idea to Put Off Smartphone Repair for a Cracked Screen

Jul 18, 2019

A cracked screen might seem like an issue you can live with, but if you delay getting smartphone repair, you could end up with bigger problems.

If your smartphone screen is cracked – even just a tiny bit – a number of things can go wrong. And though your device may be working right now, that could change at any time. Here’s what can happen if you put off smartphone repair and how to find an affordable fix for a cracked screen.

Utah screen repair

Cracked Screens Easily Shatter

Any crack on your smartphone screen puts it at a much greater risk for shattering – and it may not take much. Simply setting the device down on your desk could cause it to shatter, or the screen could break in to a million pieces from minor jostling in the car.

Cracks Can Damage Major Components

When your smartphone screen is cracked, the important interior components no longer have the protection they need. Dust, water and debris can easily cause more damage, leaving you with more costly repairs or even a bricked smartphone.

Cracked Screens Can Cause Injuries

Using a cracked smartphone screen can result in cuts or glass splinters being embedded in your skin. Plus, depending upon the location of the crack, you can get eye strain trying to view the content. Why risk injury from a device that’s supposed to make your life easier?

Cracks Decrease the Value of Your Smartphone

If you decide to sell your smartphone at some point, as many people do, it won’t be worth nearly as much with a cracked screen. By getting smartphone repair now, you will be protecting the long-term value of the device.

Finding Fast and Affordable Smartphone Repair

Don’t look to your warranty for coverage for a cracked smartphone screen, as manufacturers almost never repair damage caused by a drop or knock. And while you can pay the manufacturer to fix your smartphone, going that route means shipping your device out and waiting for it to return – and that can take a long time.

Have insurance on your smartphone? Repair probably won’t be free, like you might expect. And, relying on your insurance will not result in a quick turnaround time – you will likely have to live without your device for quite a while.

For a more cost-effective approach – and a faster fix – turn to a local smartphone repair expert. In Utah, FixIT Mobile | Bad Apple is the go-to source for quick, affordable repairs.

With FixIT Mobile | Bad Apple, you can count on fair, transparent pricing and a fast turnaround time. We offer a low-price guarantee, and our premium screen repair comes with a 90-day warranty. What’s more, our experts can often fix cracked screens in a single day.

With multiple convenient locations throughout Utah, FixIT Mobile | Bad Apple can serve all of your device repair needs. If you have a cracked screen, contact us for fast, low-cost smartphone repair today!