iPhone Back Screen Replacement Needs and Options

Aug 2, 2021

If you have one of the newer iPhone models, such as the iPhone 8, X, XR or 11, you’re well aware of the stunning all-glass design that they carry, including glass on the back of the phone. This glass allows for several performance improvements, including wireless charging, but also comes with a small cost: This back glass can become cracked if it’s not protected properly, and may require replacement in some cases.

At Bad Apple, we’re here to help with a variety of iPhone repair services, including screen repairs and both front- and back-glass replacement assistance when needed. While determining a need for front screen replacement is often somewhat straightforward, this same process for back glass is often a little more complex. Here’s a primer on whether your back glass needs replacement, the options you have here, and how you can prevent this risk in the future.

Does Your Back Glass Need Replacement?

First and foremost, how can you tell when cracked or broken back glass on your phone is serious enough to require replacement? As we noted above, this can be tougher than the front screen – back glass cracks don’t stop you from reading or typing on your screen, for instance, or from performing virtually any standard phone task.

However, these issues do come with risks. The first is the possibility of cuts and scratches on your fingers and hands, which only grow the longer you leave the glass cracked. In addition, as back glass damage worsens, it may lead to large glass chunks falling off the device, exposing internal components and creating much further damage. For this reason, replacing cracked back glass before it reaches this point is important.

Replacement Options

You may have multiple options for back screen replacement:

  • Warranty: Through AppleCare, your manufacturer or your carrier, you may still be under warranty. These repairs are usually cheap or free, however they also often come with a period of days where you are without your phone.

  • Repair pros: Our team is happy to help with back glass replacement for many iPhone models, with prompt repairs that don’t require you to leave your phone for days.

  • DIY: Technically, you can attempt to repair back glass issues on your own – but without training, you risk both injury and worsening of the problem. We do not recommend this route.

Future Prevention Tips

Whether your back glass is currently cracked and you want to prevent this from happening again, or you simply want to avoid cracked glass in the future, the name of the game here is purchasing a quality case. Durable phone cases will protect glass from drops, scratches and other forms of damage. If you really enjoy the appearance of back glass and don’t want to cover it, using a tempered glass back will also provide solid protection.

For more on replacement for a cracked iPhone back glass issue, or to learn about any of our phone repair, tablet repair or other services, speak to the staff at FixITMobile | Bad Apple today.