Why It’s Smart to Trade in Your Old Smartphone

Feb 7, 2020

Since the dawn of smartphones, one thing has remained steadfastly true: you are going to want to upgrade that phone in the future. While the features that are available continue to advance, and the function of that phone you have now continues to decline, you want the newest smartphone. While the price of a new phone also continues to go up, you need ways to offset the cost. That’s where trade-ins are beneficial, allowing you to get the newest phones and get some value out of your old smartphone.

Trading in your old smartphone is a smart way to get some residual value out of it.

Value for Your Old Device

Trade-ins offer residual value for your old phone. Like many consumer goods, phones decrease in value the longer you use them. The parts wear out, the screens get cracked, the batteries no longer charge. A year or two after you go it, you probably start to notice that it’s not performing as well as it did when it was new. But that doesn’t mean that the phone is completely worthless. Quite the contrary, many phones can still be used and sold on a secondary market, which is why cell phone repair stores and other retailers want your old phone. They can repair sell them at a discount to people who may not want or be able to afford the latest models, and you can get a credit toward your next purchase.

Environmentally Friendly Disposal

Another benefit of trading in your old smartphone is avoiding electronic waste, or e-waste, in landfills. As consumer electronic purchases rise, more and more of our old devices are thrown away and end up in landfills. This is problematic because they have hazardous chemicals that leach out over time and end up groundwater and streams. Even if a landfill incinerates the waste, that process still releases hazardous chemicals into the air. Trading in your old smartphone reduces e-waste. Even broken or damaged phones are great for trade-in and can be repaired before they are resold; and if they can’t be repaired, they are sent to recycling facilities that specialize in safely getting rid of e-waste.

Fewer Creepy Gas Station Meet-ups

If you thought the only way to make money on your old smartphone was to post an online ad and arrange a meetup at a local public place like the gas station or supermarket parking lot, those days are gone. You can still do that if you’re into it, or you could just bring your smartphone to Bad Apple and our team will take it off your hands, give you cash or credit toward the purchase of a new phone, and you can avoid those parking lots altogether.

When you find those old smartphones stashed away in a drawer in the office, bring them to FixIT Mobile | Bad Apple and trade them for a new phone today. Remember to backup all your data—especially photos and videos—before you trade it in so the process is quick and easy.